Our Rooms

At Bark Avenue, we believe in not only luxury pet accommodation, but a completely different way of thinking when it comes to caring for our guests. 


We understand just how important pets are, which is why Bark Avenue prides itself on the highest standard of accomodation available and experiences for guests. 
Please be aware that with the way we run our resort we are unable to accommodate all  breeds. See our FAQ for more information.

Hotel Luxury Suite

Our entry level rooms are what most places would consider their premium accommodation.

All suites have reverse cycle air-conditioning and raised Kuranda beds with bedding, so our large rooms provide comfort for your pups all year round. All rooms are more than large enough to allow multiple pets from the same family to stay together.

Single Dog $66 per night
Two Dogs Sharing 
$55/dog per night
Single  night surcharge $11 . Levied when single guest staying only one night.
Public Holidays $22 surcharge

Luxury Cottage Suite

Our signature rooms are located in one of the 6 luxury cottages that circle the property. Each room is the size of a standard bedroom with human beds, TV, reverse cycle

air-conditioning, and a private yard.  The cottage suites will provide your pet with an experience as close to being home as possible.

Single dog $88.00 per night

2 Dogs $160.00 twin occupancy

3 Dogs $231.00 triple occupancy
Single night surcharge $22. Levied when guest staying only one night.
Public Holidays $22 surcharge

The Marianne Suite

Our premier room double the size of our luxury cottage suites, it is perfect place to spoil the pup who is used to having everything.  Two full sized beds or lounges to sleep on, TV and of course, fully

air-conditioned to provide all the comfort a dog could ask for.  Combined with plenty of one on one human time it is the ultimate holiday for your pets.

Single dog $165.00 per night

2 Dogs $199.00 twin occupancy

3 Dogs $264.00 triple occupancy

The Cattery

It’s not just our canine friends that spoilt at Bark Ave. 


We have dedicated cottages for our feline friends. With air-conditioning, TV’s, climbing towers, luxury bedding and plenty of toys, cats get the luxury and comfort they expect.

Single cat $40.00 per night

2 Cats $70.00 twin occupancy

3 Cats $100.00 triple occupancy
Public Holidays $11 surcharge


Hospital Suites

We have several rooms specifically set aside for looking after guests who may have recently had surgery and require extra care.  With over 70 years of veterinary experience and a veterinarian on staff we are qualified to care for most pet’s post-hospital needs in air-conditioned comfort. 

Single dog  from $88.00 per day

Additional Services

Medications from $2.20 per day
Depending on the ease of administration and the number of medications

Insulin injections $5.50 per injection

Non Social Dogs from $33.00 per day
If a dog cannot be part of our play groups they may incur an additional fee per day to cover the one on one staff time spent playing with and exercising your pet.  We do not take dogs who cannot be part of our play groups during busy times.

Public Holidays surcharge
$22 per dog, $11 per cat

Small dog from $33
Large dog from $44

Late Checkout
Checkout is 10am.  Checkout after 10am incurs an extra fee:

10am to 1pm $33 
1pm to 4pm $55
4pm to 5pm $66

Checkout on a Sunday is after 12pm and a late checkout fee is incurred for all pickups on a Sunday.
Public Holiday Pickup $88/dog, $55/cat.  The office is only open for limited hours on some Public Holidays. Certain Public Holidays the office is closed. Contact us for details.

Extra Nights Unplanned
If a guest is not picked up on the planned date by 5pm and have to be kept an extra night, that night is charged at $99 ($44 late check out plus $55 for overnight) for Hotel and $132 ($44 + $88) for Cottage guests.  This can be avoided by contacting us before 4pm to let us know that they will need to be staying the extra night, in which case, they are just charged the normal tariff.

Larry Resting

Deposits & Cancellations

Deposits are required for all bookings during peak times

During peak times a deposit is required at the time of booking (proportionate to length of stay, i.e. a 2 week stay needs a $500 deposit) Christmas New Year bookings will require the balance of the stay paid by November 30th.


For cancellations 30 days or more prior to the booking receive full refund less cancellation fee (equal to one nights fee of the booking).  For cancellations less than 30 days the deposit is non-refundable or at the discretion of management. 
COVID: If a cancellation is required because the Victorian Government mandates a stage 4 shutdown with restriction to travelling from home then deposits can be refunded less one nights cancellation fee or the whole amount can be left as a credit for future use.  If cancellation is required because of COVID restrictions in other states changing holiday plans our normal cancellation policy applies.

Late Changes

Changes to length of stay during peak times are allowed subject to availability.  Shorted stays during peak times will still require payment of the full amount of the original booking unless the space can be filled by last minute bookings.